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Carpet Cleaning


Well-maintained, quality carpeting should last you in the neighborhood of 10-15 years. Regular cleaning will

not only allow your carpeted floors to last their full lifetime, but help improve your air quality as well.

Scheduled cleanings help safeguard your carpeted floors from having to be replaced earlier than if they had not been cleaned regularly. When carpeting is cleaned before stains, dirt and grime make it too unsightly, the job is much easier, more successful, and the life of the carpet will be extended. On the other side, allowing your carpet to get overly dirty can result damage that can not be treated or reversed.


It is typically recommended that household or office carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Factors that affect how regularly you may want your carpets cleaned include the amount of floor traffic from residents and pets, the type of activity, and if the carpet’s color is light or dark.

Breathe EZ Cleaning Services employs a well-developed, 100% biodegradable system so your carpets come out as clean as possible. Our techniques work on the toughest of stains, yet the treatments are gentle enough that they can be used on finer carpets, area rugs and upholstery.


Why we believe our carpet cleaning methods are the best


  • Steamy uses cleaning products that are friendly to the environment.

  • Our cleaning solution is non-toxic, biodegradable, colorless, odorless, and hypo-allergenic.

  • Our system not only cleans better than any other system, but it also uses less water.

  • Since less water is used, carpets dry fast without shrinking or stretching.

  • Carpets are left with zero soapy residue, leaving nothing for new dirt to be attracted to. 

  • Our cleaning method is gentle enough for your fine carpets, but eliminates their toughest stains.

  • The Dri-Masters system has been endorsed by all major carpet manufacturers.




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